Our Strategic Approach

Our Approach

Scientific Objectives

Our fundamental and overarching scientific objective is the generation of empirical knowledge.

WSRO will achieve this by:

  • Collection of information on current research pertaining to sugar and dissemination of relevant information to all Members.
  • Identification of priority areas where knowledge gaps on the impact of sugar on health and nutrition issues need to be addressed by new scientific research, and encourage the undertaking of such research whenever possible.
  • Actively commissioning and supporting scientific research through the provision of unrestricted research grants.
  • Publication and exchange of information relating to scientific research on sugar and health and nutrition issues.

Scientific Integrity and Practice

WSRO is committed to improving the understanding of the role that sugar (sucrose) plays in human nutrition and health. WSRO supports peer-reviewed transparent research to this end. We fund systematic reviews, and research studies. These are undertaken by scientists in established academic institutions across the globe.

It is a contractual requirement that any researchers receiving support from WSRO clearly declare this upon publications.

WSRO commits to carrying out its work in line with the Consensus Public Private Principles for Research on Food and Nutrition (Alexander et al. 2015).

Peer Review Policy (for internal, unpublished works)

WSRO is committed to the principles of scientific peer review even for internal scientific documents (briefings, factsheets etc.) WSRO will follow the below procedures to ensure that scientific documents disseminated by the organisation meet the same scientific quality standards as those published in scientific journals.


Each scientific document will be reviewed by two or more scientific experts (one internal and one external) in the subject area. Reviewers cannot have prior direct involvement in the authorship of the document undergoing review. A reviewer will be acknowledged for their contribution in the document.

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