World Sugar Research Organisation

Improving worldwide understanding of

sugar's role in health and nutrition


A knowledge hub for the science of sugars and health

The World Sugar Research Organisation (WSRO) is the leading global organisation focusing on the science of sugars and health.

Our aim is to improve worldwide understanding of sugar’s role in health and nutrition.
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We provide evidence-based scientific information and analysis on sugar's role in health and nutrition. We do this by monitoring global scientific evidence, identifying where scientific consensus is, and where the gaps in scientific knowledge are. To fulfil this objective, we support a small programme of peer-reviewed, transparent research.
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About us

We are a not-for-profit research organisation, established in 1978. Find out more about us.

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Our research programme

Committed to transparent engagement with researchers and external partners, we support a small programme of peer-reviewed transparent research aimed at addressing knowledge gaps within the global scientific literature on sugars and health.

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