Different types of white sugar (sugar cubes and granulated sugar)

About us

Who we are

The World Sugar Research Organisation (WSRO) is the leading global organisation focusing on the science of sugars and health.

Our aim is to improve worldwide understanding of sugar’s role in health and nutrition.

WSRO was established in 1978 and is registered in the UK. We are a not-for-profit research organisation, funded through annual membership fees.

Vision and mission

WSRO is a globally recognised and trusted resource on the science of sugar. WSRO provides evidence-based scientific information, analysis and perspective on sugar's role in health and nutrition, to its members and stakeholders.

WSRO supports transparent, peer-reviewed research to address knowledge gaps and provides perspective on the body of evidence on sugar and health to its members and stakeholders.

What we do

The World Sugar Research Organisation is a knowledge hub for the science of sugars and health. 

We provide evidence-based, relevant scientific information and analysis on sugar's role in health and nutrition to our members and stakeholders. We do this by monitoring global scientific evidence, identifying where scientific consensus is, and where the gaps in scientific knowledge are. To fulfil this objective, we support a small programme of peer-reviewed, transparent research.

We commission and fund systematic reviews and research studies, through the provision of unrestricted and research grants. These research projects are undertaken by independent scientific experts in established academic institutions across the globe and published Open Access in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

Image of a book combining into a laptop representing science communication

Scientific integrity and practice

We communicate to our members and stakeholders using non-technical, easily understandable formats, helping our members navigate complex topics within the sugars and health scientific landscape. WSRO follows scientific review procedures to ensure that scientific documents disseminated by the organisation meet the same scientific quality standards as those published in scientific journals.

How we operate

Our activities support and contribute to the global understanding of sugars in the context of diet and health. We adhere to a set of Operating Principles to ensure integrity and transparency in our activities. These are based on: