About WSRO

About WSRO

Who We Are

The World Sugar Research Organisation (WSRO) is an international not for profit organisation that focuses on the science of sugar(s).

The activities of the WSRO ultimately support and contribute to global understanding of sugar(s) in the context of health and diet. We adhere to a set of Operating Principles to ensure integrity and transparency in our activities.

These are based on the Consensus Public Private Principles for Research on Food and Nutrition (Alexander et al. 2015) and on "Guiding Principles of the Updated Framework for Industry Funding of Food and Nutrition Research: Managing Financial Conflicts and Scientific Integrity"

What We Do

Through our Science Programme we provide evidence based information on the nutrition and health science around sugar, to our members, stakeholders and the wider community through our website.

Our Science Programme has two components:

The Knowledge Programme

WSRO acts as a knowledge hub for the science of sugar. We do this by monitoring the global scientific evidence, identifying where scientific consensus is and where the gaps in scientific knowledge are. The WSRO provides a balanced and evidence based view of the current scientific landscape.

The Research Programme

Our Research Component, actively supports scientific research that addresses knowledge gaps and deficiencies within the global scientific literature. This can include commissioning and supporting scientific research through the provision of unrestricted research grants in line with our operating principles.

*As a non-profit organization, WSRO may help support research that is consistent with our mission through sound scientific principles. The WSRO is aware that academic institutions have financial obligations for administering the research grants that are awarded to their faculty members. The WSRO policy allows for indirect costs for the management of the research project by the sponsoring institution and these should be included in the total pre-proposal budget.

Mission and Vision


WSRO supports research addressing knowledge gaps, and provides perspective on the body of evidence on sugar and health to members and public health stakeholders.


WSRO is a globally recognised and trusted resource on the science of sugar, providing evidence based and relevant scientific information, analysis and perspective to members and stakeholders on sugar's role in health and nutrition.

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